Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love Persists

I realized this morning...as it dawned on me how quickly my cough and stuffy nose and sinus congestion all dissipated after two weeks of seemingly little progress...that God had healed me without my ever having really asked Him to (though I think I did send up a prayer or two during my roughest days). Obviously I "wished" my cold would go away, but I didn't bring it to Him in prayer...at least not earnestly. And yet overnight (or so it seems), my voice cleared up, I could breathe freely, and my nagging cough was gone.

I know in the grand scheme this healing is small and my "suffering" was insignificant compared to what so many others are called to endure...but still it taught me a little something about love: Love is persistent. It doesn't matter that your spouse or child (or parent or sibling or friend) isn't thinking about your loving them...or that they aren't asking anything of you at a given moment...you still give...you still do...you still love. And how much greater is the Love of God. We ignore Him, neglect Him, disobey Him...and yet He continues to Love us...answering prayers we don't vocalize...or ones we offer half-heartedly. Indeed He does know what we need without our asking (Matthew 6:8)...and while He wants us to ask...He wants us to talk to Him and talk with Him...He won't let our failures get in the way of His blessings in our lives.

What an amazing Love....what an Awesome God! Though we are inconsistent...and sporadic...and fitful...and distracted...He is constant....and His love is persistent!

Father, teach me to love as You do...teach me to persist on Your path...follow Your laws...adhere to Your call...not just every now and then...but every now...every moment.

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