Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Don't Have to Believe in God

I have to be honest and admit that I sometimes chuckle when I hear statements like, "Well that's not the kind of God I believe in."  My reaction to this is...as if.   As if...granting there is a God....or if you want...gods...his (or okay...her) nature could be modified based on our belief.  As if...we have that much control over anything...because if we did...wouldn't we make our lives much different from how they are (or at least somewhat different)?  As if...we can presume to have any idea about how God SHOULD behave or what He SHOULD look like...because we have that kind of omniscience.   As if...we would want a God that can be affected by our fickle desires, by our wants...by our whims.  As if...God doesn't chuckle when He hears someone say, "That's not the kind of God I believe in." 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unnoticed Change

Change happens slowly.  Actually...noticed change happens slowly.  By the time we experience a change whether a change in us..or a change in others...or a change in society...there have already been innumerable small changes leading to that one.  Even big changes...world changing changes are just the culmination of smaller, unnoticed changes.  Makes me think we should pay more attention to what is changing....right now.  Otherwise, we may wake up one day and wonder how we got here...or worse...not wonder.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Begining...of the End

Have you ever woken up after a hard sleep and immediately sensed that somehow things were different?  Somewhere...somehow a decision had been made, a corner had been turned, and you realize you are no longer on the same path you were when you went to sleep.  And then you realize you aren't on a path at all, but more like a track...and while you can't see exactly how the track winds and turns, dips and climbs, you can see where it's eventually going.  And you realize...this is how it needs to be...and you must play your part.  Though this track will lead you where you do not want to go...the end...whenever it gets here...will be glorious.  

That's how I woke up today.